Kendo Bushi 「県道節」

Updated 6/6/15

“Kendo Bushi”1 「県道節」 is one of my favorite minyo. The first two performances below are by Uema Ayano (上間綾乃). They’re both arranged very differently. I like the first, the slower soulful version, better. The third, by Bokusho Kinjo, is also very different from Uema’s. The fourth is a chicken-skin version by Yamazato Yuki.

“「県道節」 上間綾乃 ライブ情報” uploaded by KOZA OKINAWA on 12/26/10.

“上間綾乃 阪神百貨店ミニライブ♪” uploaded by psychicer2002 さんのチャンネル on 12/25/11

“MC毛遊びー頭 ~ 県道節 / 金城睦松 Bokusho Kinjo” uploaded by shimauta4u on 10/27/12.

“Kendo Bushi” (Yuki Yamazato/Katsuko Yohen/Keiko Kinjo) uploaded by Various Artists-Topic on 3/1/15.

1 Also “kendoobusi.”

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