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Uncle Hoso: A Hero and a Loving Father

For many years when I was at my Aunty Annie’s (dad’s twin sister) apartment across from Punahou School and went to the bathroom, I used to pass some family pictures that hung on her hallway wall. I would sometimes stop … Continue reading

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Taira Village Orphanage and Uncle Hoichi

Below is an old photograph of Hoichi and his dad, Hoyei Inafuku, among a group of Okinawan men. Hoichi is the young man in the middle sitting on the floor. His father, Hoyei, my grandfather, is sitting on the chair … Continue reading

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My Trip to Okinawa in March 2015

Below is a photo of me with my friends Kazuo Kubo and Take Gima. We spent a Saturday together when my wife, Wei Wei, and I were in Tokyo, on the first part of our Japan-Okinawa-Taiwan trip. Take, who is … Continue reading

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Okinawa’s Elevated Storehouses

Last updated 10/13/14 One day my Dad made a sketch of Uncle Hoso’s house in Oyakawa Village in Haneji, Okinawa. (See “The Floor Plan of Houses in Old Okinawa.”) On another day he took a notepad and sketched an elevated Okinawan … Continue reading

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The Floor Plan of Houses in Old Okinawa

Last updated 10/13/14 My curiosity about the old Okinawan house began with a drawing that my Dad made about 2 to 3 years before he passed away. While visiting him at his house, out of the blue, he took my … Continue reading

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