‘Rikka, Uchinaa-nkai! Okinawan Language Textbook for Beginners’ (2017)

Last updated 3/25/19 10:55am

Click image or click here to view the 100-page book in PDF. While in PDF, you should be able to print a hardcopy version.

My sister, Linda, and her husband, Phil, went to the Okinawan Festival on Sunday, 9/2/17. She emailed family members a couple days ago: “At the Okinawan Festival this year, met this person in the Cultural tent that was willing to scan and send the entire Okinawan language book to anyone who asked. Hope you all find it beneficial.”

She received an email response from Janice Kimie Toma Shiira with a PDF attachment, Rikka, Uchinaa-nkai! Okinawan Language Textbook for Beginners (2017), and this message:

Subject: Fwd: “Rikka, Uchina nkai” Textbook Second Edition Okinawan Language

Hai tai gusuyo

Nifee Debiru for visiting the Shimakutuba (Island Language) booth at the Okinawan Festival. Attached is the PDF file of the Okinawan Language Textbook.

This coming Monday at 7:00 p.m. 9/11 Uchinaaguchi classes will be held at Jikoen Hongwanji 1731 North School Street

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Janice Kimie Toma Shiira

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