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Resolution 15-322 Timeline

MESSAGE FROM ED KUBA Ladies and Gents: Please note the following schedule of events: April 26: Meeting of Executive Matters and Legal Affairs Committee when Resolution 15-322, CD1 will be addressed. It’s not a perfect resolution, but is good enough … Continue reading

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Uema Ayano’s ‘Imi Shijiku’ and Thoughts of Ancient Okinawan Ships

I have been listening to a beautiful Okinawan song, “Imi Shijiku” by Ayano Uema (see the video below), for some time. I love the beautiful sound of her sanshin (3-string instrument). I didn’t know what the title and the verses … Continue reading

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Okinawan Tribute Ships

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Taira Village Orphanage and Uncle Hoichi

Below is an old photograph of Hoichi and his dad, Hoyei Inafuku, among a group of Okinawan men. Hoichi is the young man in the middle sitting on the floor. His father, Hoyei, my grandfather, is sitting on the chair … Continue reading

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