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Moreno Alie: Historical Bettelheim Issue May Offer Insights into Okinawa’s Current Plight

Editor’s note: This article is a reprint of a comment posted by Moreno Alie to “1850 British View of ‘Lewchew and the Lewchewans’” (Liuchiuan, 11 Oct. 2014) on 28 Nov. 2018. -Jim By モレノ・アリー [Moreno Alie] This article has served … Continue reading

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Hogen Coffee Shop to Perpetuate Uchinaaguchi?

Here is an idea for perpetuating Uchinaaguchi in Okinawa. Try to have Hogen (Uchinaaguchi) coffee shops in every town in Okinawa where anyone who wants to speak, learn, or practice it is welcome. The purpose is to create an environment … Continue reading

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Honolulu City Council Ignoring Voters Urging a Resolution in Support of the People of Okinawa?

Fellow Hawaii Okinawans, Ever wonder why unlike Berkeley and Seattle (which don’t have the Okinawan population that we do), cities that have already voiced their support for Okinawa and its people, our illustrious Honolulu City Council is dragging its feet … Continue reading

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Okinawan and Japanese Boats

I was always curious how Okinawans used to travel about Okinawa island during the old days. There was a road built by one of the Okinawan kings, which ran from Naha to Nago city past Nago through Taira village and … Continue reading

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20-year-old Rina Shimabukuro Raped and Killed by Former US Marine

Fellow Okinawans near and far: When will it end? WHO will support the Okinawan people? Should we just resign ourselves that as long as the US military remains in Okinawa, these crimes will continue? DOES ANYBODY CARE? If you see … Continue reading

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US Military Bases on Okinawa: Is Anybody Listening?

Fellow Okinawans near and far, The question is often asked, “When will all this end?” But nobody listens. Look at the Japanese gov’t, the American gov’t, our Honolulu City Council. No one seems to take to heart the plight of … Continue reading

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Resolution 15-322, CD1 Deferred

Folks, Got word that Resolution 15-322, CD1 has been deferred by the Honolulu City Council. Obviously, the city council members do not have an appreciation for the pain that the Okinawan people have been experiencing the past 72 years. Is … Continue reading

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Why Not an Uchinaaguchi Writing Contest?

Hello everyone, Please watch this lecture by Jack Musick at UH Hilo. I found it interesting. He presents the current state of Uchinaaguchi as he knows it after spending a year in Okinawa. You might find it interesting also. This … Continue reading

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The Overriding Emotion of Okinawans in WWII Was Patriotism

On 1 June 2015, the contents of this article were combined with an article originally published a day earlier on 7 Apr. 2015. See the expanded article, “The Romantic View of Okinawans as Pacifists.” -JS

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The Romantic View of Okinawans as Pacifists

Expanded 6/1/151 Stephen Mansfield’s article, “Okinawa: In the Crosshairs of War” (Japan Times, 4 Apr. 2015), is troubling in the sense that it perpetuates a romantic myth about Okinawans that is repeatedly used for propaganda. For example, he claims that … Continue reading

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Lawrence Downes – An Uchinanchu on the NY Times Editorial Board

Last updated 10/5/14 The excerpts below are from Jerry Kammer’s “Sulzberger’s Voice.”1 Kammer, a nationally recognized journalist and a senior research fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, is openly critical of Downes, but he provides essential background on Downes … Continue reading

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Must Read: George Feifer’s ‘Okinawa: 66 Years Later’

Last updated 10/3/14 George Feifer’s article appeared in the February 2012 issue of Collier’s. Here are some excerpts: Starting with elementary facts about the largest land-sea-air battle in history may make sense because they’re so little known. Or approximation of … Continue reading

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Literature, Maui, Uchinaguchi, Kina, ‘Map It!,’ Comfort Women, Must-See, McDonalds

Last updated 10/1/14 Umushirikutu Ryota Shimabukuro, “Event introducing Okinawan literature held at US Library of Congress” (Ryukyu Shimpo, 9/14/14): On September 9, an event introducing Okinawan literature titled “Living Spirit” was held at the US Library of Congress in Washington … Continue reading

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Are the Taira in Okinawa Descendants of the Heike?

By Rodney Inefuku Electrical and Computer Engineer, retired Facebook Last updated 9/11/14 In Okinawa: History of an Island People,1 George Kerr writes about the feud between the Taira Clan and the Minamoto family in Japan during the 9th century (pages 47-49). … Continue reading

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Proof That the Ryukyus Were an Independent Kingdom at the Time of Annexation

Many writers assume that the Ryukyus were an independent kingdom in 1879 when it was forcibly annexed by Japan. Prior to annexation, or “Ryukyu Shobun,” they operated as an independent kingdom, entering into tributary relationships with the Ming and Qing … Continue reading

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‘The Targeted Village’ – A Lightning Rod for Okinawans’ Discontent

The Targeted Village (標的の村) is a 91-minute documentary based on Chie Mikami’s 2012 award-winning TV program produced for an Okinawa station. Mikami, 48, is a newscaster at Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting. The village, Takae, is in northern Okinawa. At issue is … Continue reading

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Op-Ed: President Obama’s Visit to Japan and the Okinawa Question

Updated 4/29/14, 5/13/14 In an editorial dated 4/29/14, the Ryukyu Shimpo pleaded with President Obama to unconditionally close the Futenma U.S. Marine Corps Air Station and return, to Japan, the land that it now occupies. The current agreement to close … Continue reading

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