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Taikai 2016 Places to Visit: Shopping Arcades on Kokusai Dori

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Mitsushima Hikari – Gifted Actress from Okinawa

I first saw her in the 2013 NTV series Woman. See Heisui’s review, “Woman: Ep 1.” This afternoon, I watched the last episode of the 2014 Fuji TV series All About My Siblings. In Woman, you suspect she’s an exceptional … Continue reading

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OAA Hosting Screening of Chie Mikami’s ‘The Targeted Village’ 2/28/15

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‘Typhoon of Steel’ – All-Okinawan MIS Unit in Battle of Okinawa

Typhoon of Steel, a 19-minute video released on 7 May 2013, was directed by Gena S. Hamamoto with support from the Center for Ethno Communications of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center and many other sources that are listed at … Continue reading

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‘The Targeted Village’ – A Lightning Rod for Okinawans’ Discontent

The Targeted Village (標的の村) is a 91-minute documentary based on Chie Mikami’s 2012 award-winning TV program produced for an Okinawa station. Mikami, 48, is a newscaster at Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting. The village, Takae, is in northern Okinawa. At issue is … Continue reading

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Cocco: Singer, Songwriter, Author, Actor – Genius

She goes by Cocco, and she’s a multi-gifted songwriter, singer, author, and actor. Her name is Satoko Makishi (真喜志 智子), and she’s from Naha, Okinawa. Her works and performances are edgy, and she’s socially and environmentally conscious. She’s a one-off, … Continue reading

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‘Karakara’ – 2012 Canada-Japan Film Set in Okinawa

Updated 5/3/14 Karakara is a joint Canada-Japan film, released on August 31, 2012. It was written and directed by Claude Gagnon and stars Gabriel Arcand, Youki Kudoh, and Megumi Tomita. At the 2012 Montréal World Film Festival, it won the … Continue reading

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Yukie Nakama: One of the Most Successful Actresses from Okinawa

Yukie Nakama (仲間 由紀恵), a Japanese actress, singer and former idol, was born in Urasoe, Okinawa, Japan. Her list of dramas and movies from 1996-present is long (see Wikipedia). Highlights from her career: 14th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Jan-Mar … Continue reading

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Last updated 3/28/19 8:16 am In the video1 below, Gackt2 and Wang Lee Hom perform “Orenji no Taiyou,”3 theme song from the film Moon Child4. Their co-stars Zeny Kwok and Yamamoto Taro also appear on stage. Missing is Hyde, who … Continue reading

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‘Nada Sou Sou’: Cultural Fusion

Updated 11/22/13, 6/4/14 “Nada Sou Sou” (涙そうそう )1 was a hit single released by Natsukawa Rimi (夏川 りみ) in 2001. It inspired a movie by the same name, released on 30 Sep. 2006.2 “Nada Sou Sou” was composed by BEGIN … Continue reading

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