Author Seeking Information About Ryūkyūan History 1880-1930

Last updated 4/23/19 11:38AM

Thomas Feldmann

Thomas Feldmann is writing a biographical book about Ankō Itosu (1831-1915), “one of the most important characters in the development of modern Karate.” As part of his research, he’s seeking answers or leads to two questions:

1. In the 1880s, when did Ryukyuan officials (scribe, Chikudun Pechin) usually retire from the Ryukyuan (later prefectural) government?

2. What was the usual life expectancy in the Ryukyus in 1910-1920?

3. Looking for a historical map of the Ryukyu Shuri area showing the different villages such a Gibo, Yamakawa, etc. On the web, there are some, but they cannot be used properly.

Please share information or leads with Feldmann. You can reach him at Or you can post responses or comments in the discussion section attached to this post.


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