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Connection Between Hawaii’s Local-Style Restaurants and Oroku, Okinawa

In 2002-2003, Michiko Kodama-Nishimoto and Warren Nishimoto of the Center for Oral History, Social Science Research Institute, University of Hawai’i at Manoa, conducted eleven interviews that were compiled in The Oroku, Okinawa Connection: Local-Style Restaurants in Hawai‘i and published in February … Continue reading

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Base Relocation, Student Exchange, Single Moms, Naha 6th in World, Naha Marathon, Science & Technology, Rinsho Kadekaru, Kumejima, HK Investors

“[Japan’s] Supreme Court rejects residents’ demand for new Okinawa base relocation assessment,” Japan Times/Kyodo, 12/12/14. “The central government is pushing for the planned relocation of U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma from the densely populated area city of Ginowan on … Continue reading

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Literature, Maui, Uchinaguchi, Kina, ‘Map It!,’ Comfort Women, Must-See, McDonalds

Last updated 10/1/14 Umushirikutu Ryota Shimabukuro, “Event introducing Okinawan literature held at US Library of Congress” (Ryukyu Shimpo, 9/14/14): On September 9, an event introducing Okinawan literature titled “Living Spirit” was held at the US Library of Congress in Washington … Continue reading

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Shimakutuba, Standup Paddle Boarding, Ryukyu King & Queen, Ogimi, Underweight Babies, Hula, Tourism Boom

Umushirikutu Yaeyma Standup Paddle Boarding Association launched to promote the sport in Okinawa (Ryukyu Shimpo 9/8/14): It plans to hold training sessions and competitions, and train instructors. It will promote SUP as a new marine sport in Okinawan tourism, and … Continue reading

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Okinawan Women, Karate, Ta-Taki, etc.

Umushirikutu “Okinawa women score high as business leaders,” Japan Update, 8/27/14: A survey by Teikoku Databank Fukuoka says Kyushu and Okinawa areas are strongest in female leadership in Japan, scoring 8.5% of the presidencies. The national average is 7.4% female … Continue reading

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