Okinawan Women, Karate, Ta-Taki, etc.


Okinawa women score high as business leaders,” Japan Update, 8/27/14: A survey by Teikoku Databank Fukuoka says Kyushu and Okinawa areas are strongest in female leadership in Japan, scoring 8.5% of the presidencies. The national average is 7.4% female corporate leaders. Okinawa has 9.8% of its presidencies filled by women, a total of 1,002 leaders. Aomori topped the rankings.

Karate taking center stage at [Okinawa] Budokan,” Japan Update, 8/29/14: Many of the world’s best martial arts competitors are converging on the Okinawa Prefecture Budokan for world class competition this weekend. The Karate-1 Premium League is hosting the tournament…. This weekend marks the first time this world competition is being held on Okinawa. More than 50 countries are participating in the tournament and super battle.

Jun Ikemura, “Island’s best river trekking is northern Okinawa challenge,” Japan Update, 9/1/14: Ta-taki means two waterfalls in the Okinawan dialect, and it is a breathtaking sight, particularly after a deluge makes the waterfalls appear as one. We’re talking about a trip into Okinawa’s rugged north country, checking in with Ta-Waterfall at Ogimi Village.

Music village opens in Okinawa City,” Ryukyu Shimpo, 8/14/14: On August 12, the opening ceremony for music resource center Music Village was held at Ichibangai in Okinawa City. The Music Village exhibits photographs, sound sources, and films of Okinawa folk songs, jazz, rock, and other music.

Ten years since U.S. helicopter crashed into Okinawa International University: Students hold a symposium at university,” Ryukyu Shimpo, 8/13/14: Ten years have passed since an American military helicopter crashed into Okinawa International University on August 13, 2004. On August 12, university students discussed the issues of the U.S. military bases in Okinawa at events held at the same university and other places in Ginowan.

Shell Burger, “Mid-Autumn Celebration at Shuri Castle,” Okinawa Hai!, 9/1/14: Every September around the fall equinox, or what the Japanese call “Mid-Autumn,” Shuri Castle holds what they call their “Mid-Autumn Celebration” where they keep the castle grounds open after dark and allow visitors to enter the “pay” portion of the park to view a live performance for free.

Louie Sanchez, “Sukumichi Road and the Old Okukubi Bridge,” Map It! Okinawa, 25 Aug. 2014: In the days of the Old Ryukyu Kingdom, Okinawans developed an early road system to help them travel from one end of the island to the other. One major road was called Sukumichi which had passed through the village of Kin (present-day Kin Town).

Okinawa Association of America (Gardena, CA), Annual Bazaar: October 12, 2014, from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Okinawan Food, Entertainment, Games, Raffles. OAA Center Parking Lot. More Information T.B.A.

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