Join ‘Okinawa Peace Appeal’: Facebook

Join the Okinawa Peace Appeal group on Facebook. Administrators are Shizuko Takasugi, Noriko Oyama, and Hideko Otake; moderator, John Decker. Their mission:

Okinawa Peace Appeal is a group of people concerned with Okinawan injustice. We organize events such as meetings in New York or Washington DC to voice our objections to the onging US Military occupation of the island and the forceful impostion of that occupation by the governenments of Japan and the US. This ongoing occupation of Okinawa since 1945 has resulted in thousands of violent and property crimes against the people of Okinawa by the military occupiers. Rape, murder and sexual assault against women has been particularly heinous among these crimes. As a result, Okinawa has been oppressed, suppressed, their voice has been marginalized, and a colonial mentality has been imposed on the people. In particular, we voice our strong opposition to the new US Marine Base being built in Henoko, Okinawa. We join in solidarity with other peace activists as we maintain our focus on the role the US bases in Okinawa play in a state of permanent war by the US.

Besides a very active publishing schedule, they provide English translations of information written in Japanese.

OPA Administrators and Moderator.

Ryukyu Shimpo (2/25/18): On February 24 in New York, once the demonstration has reached the front of Trump Tower, Okinawa Peace Appeal members call for Yamashiro’s acquittal and speak out against the Henoko base.

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