Jikoen Bon Dance 2019: July 19-20

Ukwanshin Kabudan 7/11/19 announcement shared by Rodney Inefuku 7/12/19:

The Bon Dance at Jikoen [731 N School St, Honolulu, HI 96819] offers Ukwanshin an opportunity to hold its annual fundraiser with a food booth that will feature an all-Okinawan menu. This is a good chance to sample authentic Okinawa cuisine outside of Okinawa. On the menu will be Kandaba Jūshi (rice soup with pork and sweet potato leaves), Uchinā Soba (noodle and pork dish) and a new item: Rafutē bowl (glazed, slow cooked pork with rice and condiments). Please come by to grab a bite to eat from the Ukwanshin booth.

Need to wear a yukata to join the bon dance? Yukata from Okinawa, handcrafted items, fruit preserves (jams) and pickled vegetable delicacies (tsukemono, takuwan) will be for sale at the Okinawa Hands-On fundraiser.

Performances by local cultural groups will be highlighted on both nights with all-Okinawan style bon dance on Saturday. Please join us!

Please observe Obon by taking some time to honor our ancestors. Learn more about Okinawa Obon by clicking on this link to the Young Okinawans of Hawaii website: Okinawa Obon

Uchinā soba. Photos are only approximation of actual food items available at the Ukwanshin Kabudan’s food booth. But all look good, yeah?


Kandaba jūshi.

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