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Beauty of Okinawa Oct. 2016

Updated 12/11/16 OKINAWA IS AWSOME (CHUNKIT CHAN 102516 – Video By gopro 4 black Fpv + drone] Okinawa Maha Island (Maha Kikugawa 102616)

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Taikai 2016 Event Tickets: How to Get Them on Our Own?

Today, March 8, 2016, Anonymous posted a comment asking: “How do I get tickets for the event if I don’t book through a travel agency?” Click here for the latest information re this question. I’m planning to attend, but I’m … Continue reading

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4th Worldwide Youth Uchinanchu Festival – Manila Sep 10-15, 2015

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Ukwanshin 2015 Events: July – November

July 17 and 18 – Jikoen (Honolulu) Bon Dance: Half the year has flown by and summer is already upon us. Jikoen Bon Dance will be here soon, July 17/18! Thanks to the graciousness of Jikoen, we will once again … Continue reading

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