“Officer Ukuma” by Ikemiyagi Sekiho [a short story]

From Southern Exposure: Modern Japanese Literature from Okinawa, edited by Michael Molasky and Steve Rabson, translated by Davinder Bhowmik, University of Hawaii Press, 2000. Source: books.google.com

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3 Responses to “Officer Ukuma” by Ikemiyagi Sekiho [a short story]

  1. Marla Miyashiro says:

    What a well-written, engrossing story! I loved the descriptions. It feels like there should have been a sequel or at least a few more pages.

    • loochoo77 says:

      Apologies for the late response, Marla. Yes, haha! I felt the same way about the abrupt ending. I had to reread it several times to “get” the ending. Ikemiyagi’s style is simple on the surface, but his art is in the details that he omits, those empty spaces that we, readers, have to fill in. Very Okinawan! It’s kinda like the old saying, “Less is more.” I’ll be adding more stories when I have time or opportunity. Niffee debiru for your comment.

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