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Okinawan and Japanese Boats

I was always curious how Okinawans used to travel about Okinawa island during the old days. There was a road built by one of the Okinawan kings, which ran from Naha to Nago city past Nago through Taira village and … Continue reading

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Taikai 2016 Places to Visit: Makishi Monorail (Yui Rail) Station on Kokusai Dori

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20-year-old Rina Shimabukuro Raped and Killed by Former US Marine

Fellow Okinawans near and far: When will it end? WHO will support the Okinawan people? Should we just resign ourselves that as long as the US military remains in Okinawa, these crimes will continue? DOES ANYBODY CARE? If you see … Continue reading

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Resolution 15-322, CD1 Deferred

Folks, Got word that Resolution 15-322, CD1 has been deferred by the Honolulu City Council. Obviously, the city council members do not have an appreciation for the pain that the Okinawan people have been experiencing the past 72 years. Is … Continue reading

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Okinawan Tribute Ships

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Photos from Governor Ige’s Trip to Okinawa and Guangdong Oct. 2015

Photos and captions from Governor David Ige’s Facebook page. For a video briefing of the trip, click here. Photos from Okinawa

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Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Viewing cherry blossom trees was not the primary purpose for our trip to Japan, but we hoped to see them in full bloom, hoping that the migration of the bloom from south to north would cross our path somewhere along … Continue reading

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