Cocco: Singer, Songwriter, Author, Actor – Genius

CoccoShe goes by Cocco, and she’s a multi-gifted songwriter, singer, author, and actor. Her name is Satoko Makishi (真喜志 智子), and she’s from Naha, Okinawa. Her works and performances are edgy, and she’s socially and environmentally conscious. She’s a one-off, original, genuine, brilliant, good to look at, and easy to listen to. The real thing. She was trained originally as a ballet dancer and became a singer-songwriter by accident. She was riveting in her first film, Kotoko, in 2011, which is based on an original story that she wrote. She also served as art and music director for the film.

映画『KOTOKO』予告編 (Uploaded on Jan 23, 2012)

Cocco “Lollypop” in movie “KOTOKO” 特別映像 (Published on Mar 19, 2012)

眞喜志こっこ(Cocco, Cocko)Live at Shibuya Part1 (Published on Jun 23, 2012)

眞喜志こっこ(Cocco, Cocko)Live at Shibuya Part2 (眞喜志こっこ(Cocco, Cocko)Live at Shibuya Part2)

Cocco – 沖縄ゴミゼロライブ – Love (Uploaded on Dec 29, 2006)

Cocco – 沖縄ゴミゼロライブ – Peace (Uploaded on Dec 28, 2006)

cocco 君がいれば (Uploaded on Jun 13, 2009)

Cocco 強く儚い者たち live (Published on Aug 30, 2012)

強く儚い者たち Cocco with Band Band LIVE (Published on Aug 22, 2012)

Cocco 樹海の糸 Live (Published on Mar 8, 2012)

Cocco – 樹海の糸 (Uploaded on Aug 23, 2011)

Cocco – 風化風葬 (Uploaded on Nov 21, 2006)

Cocco – やわらかな傷跡 (Uploaded on Dec 27, 2010)

Cocco – Drive you crazy (Uploaded on Dec 27, 2010)

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