‘Okinawa Hai!’ 2014: April 11-May 12

Okinawa Hai is managed by Marie Lewis, and it features some of the best articles by people who are actually on the ground in Okinawa and writing about their own experiences in a style that’s informal, readable, informative, and fun. The following is a list of articles spotlighted on the site and retrieved on 5/13/14.

Cooking Local: Purple Carrot Salad
Tea Shop: Paopaocha Bukubuku Tea
Maehara Park
Cooking Local: Tougan Soup
Santorini Cafe & Dining
2014 Okinawa Hai Calendar – May 2014
Marine Thrift Shop
Cooking Local: Yuzu Sesame Salad with Nasturtium Flowers
Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands: Book Review
Nago Citizen Beach
Geocaching on Okinawa
Motobu Park
Monoca Cafe
Organic Okinawa: Volunteers Keeping Okinawa Beautiful

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