Resolution 15-322 Timeline

Ladies and Gents:

Please note the following schedule of events:

April 26: Meeting of Executive Matters and Legal Affairs Committee when Resolution 15-322, CD1 will be addressed. It’s not a perfect resolution, but is good enough for our and Okinawa’s purposes, especially for the protesters at Henoko.

May 4: Meeting of Council to adopt resolution, if it passes the EMLA Committee. All members of Council are on Committee.

May 9-10: Gov. Onaga visits Honolulu to promote Taikai and can personally accept resolution, if it is adopted by Council. Note that Council Chair Ernie Martin has already inquired about a suitable presentation time in Onaga’s schedule, figuring resolution will be adopted. Chair Martin is co-sponsor of the resolution.

After six months of effort, the resolution is on its final path for adoption. The time is perfect for the Council’s adoption and personal presentation to Gov. Onaga. There will be Okinawa media accompanying the governor, so the immediate impact in Okinawa will be timely and widespread. The timing is especially perfect during this Abe-declared moratorium quiet period prior to Pres. Obama’s visit to Japan May 26-27. For the president’s home city to declare its moral support of the Henoko movement could have a tremendous impact on our commander-in-chief. A copy of the resolution will be promptly sent to him before he leaves for Japan. We live in very interesting times. Again mahalo for your continued interest and support of the resolution.

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