Honolulu City Council Resolution re Henoko Needs Your Support on 4/18/16

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This is crucial. Please send to all the Uchinanchus you know… family and friends… so that they can support this also. We have to show support for this resolution… for the Okinawan people. This is the least we as Hawaii Okinawans can do.

If you have a printer-scanner, this is easy. First, print out the document to be signed, sign it, then scan the document back into your computer, generate an email saying, “I support Resolution 15-322, CD1.” Attach the signed document to the email,… and send email to Glenn Takahashi, Doris Lam, and Chris Delaunay at their email addresses below.

Rodney Inefuku

Click image for the full resolution.

Click image for the full resolution.

From: Edward Kuba (kubaedward@gmail.com)
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2016 10:21 PM
Subject: Fwd: Resolution 15-322, CD1

Ladies and Gents:

Councilman Trevor Ozawa’s office just informed us Resolution 15-322, CD1 may be placed on the agenda for the Executive Matters and Legal Affairs Committee’s April 26 meeting, which he chairs, depending on how much community support there is for it. The decision will be made on Wednesday, April 20. 

So by Monday, April 18, can you please send another written testimony, by email or fax, to the following three people:

  • Glenn Takahashi clerks@honolulu.gov Fax 808-768-3835
  • Doris Lam dlam1@honolulu.gov Fax 808-768-1226
  • Chris Delaunay cdelaunay@honolulu.gov —

Please note Resolution 15-322,CD1 was drafted by CM Ozawa’s Chief of Staff Kenny Amazaki, and it differs significantly from the original Resolution 15-322 which you had supported, thus, necessitating a second round of written testimonies.

See the following documents:

Please sign, date and type in your name before sending in your testimony.
Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mahalo for your continued interest and support. Hopefully almost pau.
Aloha, Ed Kuba

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