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Seeking Information About Taira Surname and Haneji

Received from Anonymous 5/28/18: I’ve been trying to trace Taira family in Okinawa. My grandparents migrated in late 1800 or early 1900 to Hawaii, settling first in Kaneohe than in Kalihi. If you have any info, I’d appreciate. Growing up … Continue reading

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‘Ko-Ryukyu: The Dawn of Ryukyu’ 24 July 2018

Note: A big mahalo to my nephew, Derek Mukai, for this information. -Jim Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Hawaii is delighted to present “The Dawn of Ryukyu” on July 24, 2018, at the Hawaii Okinawa Center. This special event can be enjoyed … Continue reading

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Join ‘Okinawa Peace Appeal’: Facebook

Join the Okinawa Peace Appeal group on Facebook. Administrators are Shizuko Takasugi, Noriko Oyama, and Hideko Otake; moderator, John Decker. Their mission: Okinawa Peace Appeal is a group of people concerned with Okinawan injustice. We organize events such as meetings in … Continue reading

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Looking for Sueko Higa (Tobaru-cho, Shuri-shi)

From: Colin Sewake ( Sent: Monday, February 19, 2018 2:00 PM To: 瀬分 善久 Subject: Looking for Sueko Higa (Tobaru-cho, Shuri-shi)

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‘U.S. Militarization of Okinawa Not Pono’

Op-ed by Pete Shimazaki Doktor Star-Advertiser, 7 Jan. 2018 I returned recently from a delegation of U.S. military veterans to Okinawa, to witness the devastation from the ongoing U.S. military occupation since 1945 — with construction of yet another military … Continue reading

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‘Who Are the Okinawans?’

The following are excerpts from Nasrine Bendjilali et al., “Who Are the Okinawans? Ancestry, Genome Diversity, and Implications for the Genetic Study of Human Longevity From a Geographically Isolated Population,” The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, Volume 69, Issue 12, … Continue reading

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‘Rikka, Uchinaa-nkai! Okinawan Language Textbook for Beginners’ (2017)

Last updated 3/25/19 10:55am

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Okinawan Festival 2017: Opening Ceremony

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Okinawan Festival 2017: Opening Procession

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Okinawan Festival 2017 Program

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Kutuu (Koto): A Story Told in English, Uchinaaguchi, & Nihongo

I wrote this for the Uchinaaguchi “cause.” Note that there is a Japanese translation at the bottom. -Rodney Inefuku Kutuu By Rodney Inefuku Uchinaaguchi translation by Toma Shisei of Yomitan, Okinawa It was the first day of spring in Chicago. Uree … Continue reading

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Alfredo Casero & Kazufumi Miyazawa: ‘Shima Uta’

Last updated 6/3/17 6:58am “Alfredo Casero // Shima Uta en Japón,” YouTube, uploaded by aeroder flax on 6/18/15. Alfredo Casero, an Argentine musician, actor and comedian, recorded “Shima Uta” in 2002, the first single from his album, Casaerius. His cover … Continue reading

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Hogen Coffee Shop to Perpetuate Uchinaaguchi?

Here is an idea for perpetuating Uchinaaguchi in Okinawa. Try to have Hogen (Uchinaaguchi) coffee shops in every town in Okinawa where anyone who wants to speak, learn, or practice it is welcome. The purpose is to create an environment … Continue reading

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Ukwanshin Kabudan: January & March 2017

From: Eric Wada Okinawan New Year Celebration/ Lunar New Year January 28th This year, the lunar New Year falls on Saturday, January 28th, which begins the year of the Rooster! Come join us for traditional Okinawan dances, music, lots of … Continue reading

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Norman Kaneshiro: Sanshin, Song, & Talk – 12/11/16 EWC 2-3pm

Hi All, Hope you all can find time between Christmas shopping to stop over at the East-West Center gallery this Sunday to listen to me talk and sing. The event is titled “Mimi-gusui: Life Sustenance Through the Ears” and will … Continue reading

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Robert Walker’s ‘Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands’ — Review

The next time I visit Okinawa, I am taking Robert Walker’s Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands along with me. If anything, because in the back of the book, tucked in a cover, is a large beautiful folded map of the … Continue reading

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Uchinanchu Taikai 2016 Videos – Oct 28

161028NEWS▽ウチナーンチュの日制定への思い▽今月のキングス振り返り (ヨシオバー2 102816)

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Uchinanchu Taikai 2016 Videos – Oct 27

[updated 12/11/16] 161027NEWS▽世界のウチナーンチュ大会開会式!▽メイン会場の熱気を中継 (ヨシオバー2 102716) 第6回世界ウチナーンチュ大会 開会式 (琉球新報 102716) [6th World Uchinanchu Taikai Opening Ceremony, 21min] Uchinanchu Festival 2016 Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko (CESAR AUGUSTO VELIZ FERNANDEZ 102716) 世界のウチナーンチュ大会 開会式 フィナーレのエイサー 20161027 sekai uchinanchu eisa (EverydayEisa 102716) 世界のウチナーンチュ大会2016 前夜祭バレード UTINANCHU FESTIVAL Festival Eve Parade [USA] … Continue reading

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Uchinanchu Taikai 2016 Videos – Oct 26

第6回世界のウチナーンチュ大会 前夜祭パレード (動画チャンネル 第6回ウチナーンチュ大会 102616) [6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Taikai Eve Parade, 2hr 6min] 6th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival Parade, Oct 26 2016 (Just another day! 102616) The 6th WORLD WIDE UCHINANCHU FESTIVAL (shin3maniaTV 沖縄冒険編 102616) [HAWAII GROUP] 2016年10月26日那覇高校吹奏楽部 (ター坊 102616) [Naha high … Continue reading

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Beauty of Okinawa Oct. 2016

Updated 12/11/16 OKINAWA IS AWSOME (CHUNKIT CHAN 102516 – Video By gopro 4 black Fpv + drone] Okinawa Maha Island (Maha Kikugawa 102616)

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Mass Karate Demonstration on Kokusai Street 10/23/16

空手演武3973人 ギネス更新 国際通りで記念祭 (球新報 102316) [Kinen Festival karate demonstration on Kokusai Street: 3973 karateka attempt to break a Guinness world record.]

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Illustrated Talk by Joyce Chinen on ‘Okinawans in Hawai‘i’ 10/2/16, 2-3pm at EWC Gallery

Sunday, October 2, 2:00–3:00 p.m. Illustrated talk: “Okinawans in Hawai‘i” by Joyce Chinen, Director UH Mānoa Center for Okinawan Studies and Professor of Sociology, UH West O‘ahu. Free and open to the public; no reservations; general seating. East-West Center Gallery … Continue reading

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‘AYANUJI: Okinawa’s Traditional Culture Past and Present’ – EWC (Honolulu) Gallery 9/25/16 – 1/8/17

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Honolulu City Council Ignoring Voters Urging a Resolution in Support of the People of Okinawa?

Fellow Hawaii Okinawans, Ever wonder why unlike Berkeley and Seattle (which don’t have the Okinawan population that we do), cities that have already voiced their support for Okinawa and its people, our illustrious Honolulu City Council is dragging its feet … Continue reading

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Public Forum 9/1/16: Peace & Security for Okinawa (UH-Manoa 5:30-7:30pm)

CONTACT: HOA (HAWAI`I OKINAWA ALLIANCE); Aiko Yamashiro: 358-0871; OKINAWAN REPRESENTATIVES APPEAL FOR DEMOCRACY, PEACE, & HUMAN SECURITY Honolulu, September 1, 2016- Community leaders from Okinawa are in Honolulu to appeal for the protection of their island from further US … Continue reading

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‘Ōshima Hikki’ – Account of an 18th-Century Ryukyuan Ship

Rodney Inefuku’s latest post, “Okinawan and Japanese Boats” (8/6/16), prompted me to google Okinawan boats, and in the process I stumbled on one of the best sites on both Okinawan history and Okinawan karate — Ryukyu Bugei. The owner is … Continue reading

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Okinawan and Japanese Boats

I was always curious how Okinawans used to travel about Okinawa island during the old days. There was a road built by one of the Okinawan kings, which ran from Naha to Nago city past Nago through Taira village and … Continue reading

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Discussion on US Military Bases in Okinawa – Pre-register by 7/15/16

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Taikai 2016 Places to Visit: Makishi Monorail (Yui Rail) Station on Kokusai Dori

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Taikai 2016 Places to Visit: Shopping Arcades on Kokusai Dori

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