Color Film of Shuri Castle Strafing in 1945

Updated 5/4/14

Still image captured from the newscast.

Still image captured from the newscast.

A film clip shot by a U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft during a bombing and strafing run in the Battle of Okinawa in mid-April 1945 was shown in a recent ANN newscast. The image above was captured from the newscast. Yusuke Oda, from Oita, said, “This might be the first images of Shuri Castle found in color.” These are the last images of Shuri Castle before it was destroyed. The castle we see today is a reconstruction. The clip will be shown to the public on May 10 at the 10th Aviation Corps Peace Walk in Oita Prefecture. (Source: “Color film of Shuri Castle during the war surfaces,” Japan Update: Okinawa News and More, 4/22/14)

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