Osaka to Okinawa: 9-day Trip on a Suzuki DL650

“V-strom DL650 9 days Japan trip HD (大阪→沖縄 納車野宿ツーリング)” uploaded to YouTube by Ironwindow13 on 5/19/11.

This Okinawan wanted a Suzuki DL650, but it wasn’t available on Okinawa. So he bought one over the phone from a dealer in Osaka. He flew to Osaka, picked it up, and rode it, 1243 miles, back to Okinawa. Over water, he used ferries. He used a helmet-mounted camera for the video. Through most of the ride, he slept on the floor in tiny roadside covered bus stops and other similar places.

His itinerary: Day 1, Osaka – Maizuru. Day 2, Maizuru Wakasa – Chiwa Station. Day 3, Seto Ohashi – Niihama. Day 4, Niihama – Kamegamori forest road – Iejigawa Taisho Town Station. Day 5, Iejigawa – Tosashimizu Tatsukushi coast – Sukumo Saeki – Shigeoka Ferry Station. Day 6, Shigeoka – Kusumi mountain highway – Genpei Aso Station. Day 7, Genpei – Amakusa. Day 8, Amakusa – large flood Field station – Yoshimatsu Onsen Business Hotel (bath) – Kagoshima Port. Day 9, Okinawa, returned home.

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