Lynne Yoshiko Nakasone: Master of Okinawan Dance

Lynne Yoshiko Nakasone is a 2012 U.S. National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) National Heritage Fellow. Following are some excerpts from the NEA site:

Lynne Yoshiko Nakasone

Lynne Yoshiko Nakasone Sensei

Born in Naha, Okinawa, Japan, in 1933, into a family that appreciated classical Okinawan music and dance, Nakasone began studying dance under Master Ryosho Kin, beginning at the age of six and continuing until 1955. Okinawan classical dance, also referred to as Ryukyu dance, dates back to the Ryukyu Kingdom and was developed to entertain Chinese envoys and Japanese clans. Featuring slow dance movements and colorful clothing called Ryukyu Bingata, Okinawan dancers use movements of the eyes and hips to tell stories while the upper part of the body remains stationary.

In 1955 Nakasone was honored as one of the Best 10 Dancers in an Okinawa dance competition and in the same year moved to Hawaii with her husband. In Honolulu, she began teaching Okinawan dance and founded the Hooge Ryu Hana Nuuzi no Kai Nakasone Dance Academy, where she teaches both traditional Okinawan dance and the modern, upbeat folk style, or minyo, dance. The Nakasone Dance Academy has performed throughout Hawaii and on the West Coast and has been a traditional part of the Hawaii United Okinawan Association’s annual festival. In 2006, the Nakasone Dance Academy was recognized by the State of Hawaii for presenting 1,000 goodwill performances.

Nakasone’s noted performances include a 1968 performance at a special gathering in honor of the Imperial Majesties Prince and Princess Takamatsu; a 1982 performances at the Japan National Dance Theatre in Japan; and a 1985 performance at the Centennial Celebration of Japanese Immigration to Hawaii.

Among her many awards are an Individual Artist Fellowship from the State of Hawaii, a Legacy Award from the Hawaii United Okinawa Association, a certificate of commendation from the government of Japan, and a Living Treasure Award by the Hawaii Buddhist Association. May 20, 2006 was officially proclaimed “Lynn Yoshiko Nakasone Day” by the mayor of Honolulu.

On the NEA site, be sure to click on the “Interview” tab. The fascinating interview features Lynne and her daughter, Lisa, who is also an accomplished sensei and dancer.

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