USAF Sabre Crashed into Miyamori Elementary School in 1959

On 30 June 1959, a United States Air Force F-100 Super Sabre crashed into Miyamori Elementary School and the adjoining neighborhood, “killing 11 students and six other people in the neighborhood and injuring 210 others, including 156 students…. The pilot, Captain John G. Schmitt, Jr. from Chalmers, Indiana, 34 years old, ejected and was unhurt.” Schmitt, who was “on a training or test flight from nearby Kadena Air Base[,] suffered an engine fire.” The school is “in the Uruma area of then … (U.S.)-occupied Okinawa” (Wikipedia 7/19/14).

The following three-part video was uploaded to YouTube by LunaticEclipse4 on 6 Dec. 2009.

忘れたい 忘れてほしくない~宮森小 米軍機墜落事故から50年~(1) – [I Don’t Want to Forget About the U.S. Aircraft That Crashed into Miyamori 50 Years Ago]

忘れたい 忘れてほしくない~宮森小 米軍機墜落事故から50年~(2)”>忘れたい 忘れてほしくない~宮森小 米軍機墜落事故から50年~(2)

忘れたい 忘れてほしくない~宮森小 米軍機墜落事故から50年~(3)

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