Shimakutuba Gakumun Kai 10/13/14 at 7:30pm at Jikoen (Honolulu)

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From Eric
Forwarded by Rodney Inefuku

Gusuuyo Chuuganabira!

Aki natoibiishiga nama nu wa-chichi madamada achisaibiin!
Its Autumn now but the weather is still hot!

Chaaganjuu yamiseemi? Chigi nu Getsuyoubi ya shimakutuba gakumun kai aibiigutu, imensooriyo-sai!

Hope you are all doing well. This is just a reminder for Shimakutuba Gakumun kai this coming Monday at 7:30pm at Jikoen. For those of you who have been in break, hope to see you this coming week. We will be continuing our work on putting together more dialogue to get used to using shimakutuba in everyday conversation.

Don’t forget to let others know and bring them with you! For those of you off island you can join us via live streaming video on upstream “ukwanshin”.

Yutasarugutu Unigeesabira!


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