‘The Legend of Nanga Bozu,’ ‘Ryukyu Kingdom After 1609: Social Classes and Genealogy,’ ‘A Film About the Uchinanchu People’

Updated 12/3/14
‘Map It!’ (by Louie) Sep/Oct 2014: The Legend of Nanga Bozu  (10/30/14); The Naha Tug-of-War  (9/29/14).

“A Film About the Uchinanchu People” (42 min) from the Secretariat of the 5th World Uchinanchu committee (Okinawaology Blog, 11/7/12). Uploaded to YouTube by Tom Corrao on 7/28/13. The 5th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival was held in Okinawa on October 12-13, 2011.

Okinawaology (by Tom Corrao): Japanese Naval Underground Headquarters (8/22/13); Origins of the Ryukyu Kingdom by Tom Freeman (6/1/12); Okinawa’s Peace Memorial Park (5/9/12).

Okinawan at Heart (by Michael Schoonover): Ryukyu Kingdom after 1609: Social Classes and Genealogy (5/28/14); Ryukyu Kingdom after 1609: Central and Local Government Bodies (5/14/14); Ryukyu Kingdom after 1609: The King and his Central Government (4/30/14); Ryukyu Kingdom after 1609: Geographic Districts and the Tax System (4/16/14); The Okinawan Sweet Potato and Sugar Cane Save Ryukyu (4/2/14); Ryukyu Life After the Japan Invasion of 1609 (3/19/14); Ryukyu and King Sho Nei – Hostages of Japan (3/5/14); Japan Invades the Ryukyu Kingdom – 1609 (1/8/14).

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