Shimakutuba Class via Live Stream

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From Eric Wada:

Gusuuyo Chuuganabira!

Just a reminder for our shimakutuba class this Monday [5/25/15] at 7:30 pm at Jikoen. We will be practicing more useful conversational vocabulary as well as reviewing so bring friends and family!

If cannot attend the class at Jikoen, try catching the class on your computer via the Ustream.

Please also make time to attend the meeting with Governor Onaga from Okinawa this coming Thursday, 28th, 7pm. at the Hawaii Okinawa Center. The Governor has requested to meet with Hawaii Uchinaanchu to inform about the current emergency situation Okinawa is in. Okinawa is asking our support so lets show Governor Onaga the Hawaii Uchinaanchu presence. There will be Okinawa TV crews following, so we need to make sure there is a good turnout and not let Okinawa down.

Yutasarugutu Unigeesabira!

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