Okinawa Prefecture International Student Scholarship – November Deadline

I found two sources of information for this scholarship for study in Okinawa: Japan Study Support and JASSO. The information is probably outdated, but you can get a fairly good idea about the requirements and benefits. For current information, contact the organization.

Organization: Okinawa International Exchange & Human Resources Development Foundation
Scholarship name: Okinawa International Exchange & Human Resources Development Foundation (公財)沖縄県国際交流・人材育成財団
Address: 4-2-16 Isa, Ginowan-shi, Okinawa 901-2221
Phone: 098-942-9215
Fax: 098-942-9220
Applicable: scholarship year 2014-2015
Application method: Apply directly to the foundation.
Place of residence at the time of application: outside Japan
Academic level: Japanese Language Program of the university, College, Undergraduate
School address: Okinawa
Designated school region: Okinawa Prefecture
Age limitation: Less than 35
Combined award limitation: You cannot get another scholarship.
Other application matters: Overseas Okinawa descendants
Stipend (Yen): 70,000 yen for a month
Other stipend: Travel Expense, Tuition, Boarding, Welfare Expenses
Duration (years): 1 year
Number of recipients: 若干名 (A few)
Number of recipients in previous year: 9/13
Application period: Aug. 1 to Nov. 8
Application deadline: November

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