Tour de Okinawa 11/8/15: International Bicycle Road Race

Tour de Okinawa 11/8/15: International Bicycle Road Race
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Three events:

Champion Road Race: Categorazied as Asia Pro Tour 1.2 of UCI, or the International Cycling Union, this 200km distance is the longest of all road races in Japan. Heated competition among invited pro-cycling teams from abroad and Japan’s top road racing teams will unfold in the northern Okinawa Island.

International Elite Women’s Road Race: An international elite women’s road race in which invited foreign riders and Japannese counterparts compete against one another. There is one hill-climb contained also in the Chanpion Road Race, placing the couse among some of Japan’s highest level for femal riders.

International Junior Road Race 140km: This category provides road races for juniors in Japan an opportunity to compete against top riders from abroad; Through the competition along the tough course, those young athlets will, we hope, gain experience to become cyclists with power and ability to attain good riding records even in Europe, the center of bicycle races. The bicycles they ride for the race must pass vehicle-inspection, including gear ratio specified in UCI rules.

Go to the site for more details.

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