Goju-ryu Leader and Scholar Seeks Assistance in Writing a Book

Updated 1/10/16

Dr. Nuno Oliveira

Humberto Nuno Oliveira, president, World Goju-Ryu Karate Federation. Email hnlmdo@lis.ulusiada.pt

Nuno Oliveira of Lisbon, Portugal, is writing a book, Chojun Miyagi1 and the History of Goju-Ryu, and needs assistance with the kanji of some masters’ names. If you can help or know of someone who could, please contact him via email: hnlmdo@lis.ulusiada.pt

Besides being active in the international Goju-ryu organization, Dr. Oliveira is a professor of history.

Oliveira Sensei also serves as a Goju-ryu instructor at Lisbon Okinawa-kan Dojo WOKKA Portugal.

For more, see his Facebook, LinkedIn, and blog pages.

1 Click here for more on Chojun Miyagi. Also see “Ensaio Historico Sobre o Karate-do, Arte Marcial de Ryukyu.”

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