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Bet You Didn’t Know This About David Ige

Liuchiuan received an email tip about Denby Fawcett’s “Who the Heck Is David Ige?” (Honolulu Civil Beat, 2 Sep. 2014) from Rodney Inefuku on 9 Sep. 2014. The article is a refreshing personal glimpse into the Democratic gubernatorial candidate. The following … Continue reading

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Working List of Okinawan Surnames

This post has been moved to “Surnames“: A – J K – R S – Z  

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Proof That the Ryukyus Were an Independent Kingdom at the Time of Annexation

Many writers assume that the Ryukyus were an independent kingdom in 1879 when it was forcibly annexed by Japan. Prior to annexation, or “Ryukyu Shobun,” they operated as an independent kingdom, entering into tributary relationships with the Ming and Qing … Continue reading

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‘The Targeted Village’ – A Lightning Rod for Okinawans’ Discontent

The Targeted Village (標的の村) is a 91-minute documentary based on Chie Mikami’s 2012 award-winning TV program produced for an Okinawa station. Mikami, 48, is a newscaster at Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting. The village, Takae, is in northern Okinawa. At issue is … Continue reading

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Op-Ed: President Obama’s Visit to Japan and the Okinawa Question

Updated 4/29/14, 5/13/14 In an editorial dated 4/29/14, the Ryukyu Shimpo pleaded with President Obama to unconditionally close the Futenma U.S. Marine Corps Air Station and return, to Japan, the land that it now occupies. The current agreement to close … Continue reading

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