Bet You Didn’t Know This About David Ige

David Ige with wife, Dawn, and their three children, Lauren, Amy, and Matthew.

Gubernatorial candidate David Ige with wife, Dawn, and their three children, Matthew, Lauren, and Amy.

Liuchiuan received an email tip about Denby Fawcett’s “Who the Heck Is David Ige?” (Honolulu Civil Beat, 2 Sep. 2014) from Rodney Inefuku on 9 Sep. 2014. The article is a refreshing personal glimpse into the Democratic gubernatorial candidate. The following excerpt gives us an insight into Ige, the kind that only family and good friends are privy to, and it reveals a side that’s fun loving and warm.

Ige’s strangely attractive laugh is about his only characteristic that friends say propels him into the rock star category.  It is a combination of a giggle, a guffaw and a chuckle. I have never heard a laugh like it. It cuts through the air in any room.

Ige’s wife Dawn, who is now a public school vice principal, says it was David Ige’s laugh that first drew her to him when they were students at the UH.

“The laugh — it was loud,” say Dawn Ige. “ It also showed me that someone who was intelligent but also had a sense of humor and lots of laughter in his life. I knew from that point on, life with David would not be boring.”

Childhood friend Yamamoto says,  “When you hear David’s laugh, you turn to find him in a room.  It is so distinctive.  It is like his fingerprint.”

For more on Ige, go to his campaign website.

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