Okinawa Wins Men’s Team and Individual Kata at Karate 1 Premier League Championships 2014

Okinawa — Ryo Kiyuna (Ryueiryu and Kobudo-ryuhokai), Arata Kinjo (Ryueiryu and Kobudo-ryuhokai) and Takuya Uemura (Okinawa International University) — won the team kata title at the Karate 1 Premier League Championships held on 31 August 2014 at the Okinawa Prefectural Budokan in Naha City. This is the third year in a row that they’ve won the title. See the official results.

Ryo Kiyuna won the men’s individual kata title. In the video, he is the second performer, and his kata begins at the 5:00-minute mark.

The Karate 1 Premier League Championships is part of the World Karate Federation.

The World Karate Federation (WKF) is the largest international governing body of sport karate with over 130 member countries. It was formed in 1990 and is the only karate organization recognised by the International Olympic Committee and has more than ten million members. The WKF organizes the Junior and Senior Karate World Championships, which are each held every other year. The President of the WKF is Antonio Espinos, and the headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain. The styles recognised by the WKF are Gōjū-ryū, Shitō-ryū, Shotokan and Wadō-ryū. (Wikipedia)

Also see Taichi Hirayasu’s “Okinawa Team Wins Championship at Karate 1 Premier League” in Ryukyu Shimpo, 1 Sep. 2014.

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