‘Tinsagu nu Hana’ Is Okinawa’s Official Favorite Song

Updated 6/2/18

Daiichi Hirata, Okinawa Prefectural Government’s director general of the Department of Culture, Tourism, and Sports, announced the selection of “Tinsagu nu Hana” (てぃんさぐぬ花 Rose Balsam Flower) as the official favorite song of the prefecture at the Okinawa International Asia Music Festival in 2012. According to the Ryukyu Shimpo, it “was chosen for two reasons, one because it has been sung over a period of years, and two because the lyrics were written in Uchinaguchi and have a profound meaning.”

The following version, performed by Misako Koja (古謝美佐子), was uploaded to YouTube by Okinawa on 10/6/12. The photo in the video is a hibiscus, not the Tinsagu.

Added: 4/23/16: 上間綾乃 Ayano Uema 沖縄民謡 てぃんさぐぬ花 Okinawan folk song Tinsagu-nu-hana

Added: 6/2/18: てぃんさぐぬ花 Tinsagu nu Hana / 上間綾乃 Ayano Uema, uploaded by shimauta4u, 5/1/15

Added 6/5/15: “The Boom – Tinsagu nu Hana” uploaded by Far Side Music on 4/10/15. This duet with Yoriko Ganeko is absolutely beautiful.

The following version was uploaded to YouTube by guevara4 on 2/4/08. Performers unknown.

The following version is performed by Koware-chi (古我地) and Miyara Masako (宮良政子). It was uploaded to YouTube by OtaniBroPro on 7/29/11.

The following lyrics, in Romaji, were found on mickmc.tripod.com.

Tinsagu nu hana ya chimi sachi ni sumiti
Uyanu yushi gutu ya chimu ni sumiri

Tin nuburi bushi ya yumiba yuma rishiga
Uyanu yushi gutu ya yumin naran

Yuruha rasu funi ya ninu fua bushi miati
Wan na cheru uyaya wandu miati

Takaradama yatin migaka niba sabisu
Asayu chimu migachi uchiyu watara

Makutu suru hitu ya atuya ichi madin
Umuku tun kanati chiyunu sakai

Nashiba nani gutun nairu gutu yashiga
Nasan yui karadu naran sadami
Nasan yui karadu naran sadami

English translation:

Just as my fingernails are stained with the pigment from balsam flowers,
my heart is painted with the teachings of my parents.
Although the stars in the sky are countable,
the teachings of my parents are not.
Just as ships that run in the night are guided to safety by the North star,
I am guided by my parents who gave birth to me and watch over me.

There’s no point in possessing magnificent jewelry if you don’t maintain it;
people who maintain their bodies will live life wonderfully.
The desires of the person who lives sincerely will always run true
and as a result she will prosper.
You can do anything if you try,
but you can’t if you don’t.

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4 Responses to ‘Tinsagu nu Hana’ Is Okinawa’s Official Favorite Song

  1. Hi! Thank you for citing my website, ClickOkinawa-dot-com.
    I love this song – my favorite, too, of all of the Ryukyuan folk songs that I’ve heard.
    I sincerely enjoy your collection of performances. Domo arigato gozaimasu yuujin!

  2. luis fernando triviño says:

    Beautiful is my favorite ,I love this song…..

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