Learn Basic Uchinaaguchi

The following video lessons were uploaded to YouTube by Aloha Uchinaaguchi, a YouTube channel dedicated to Okinawa studies, on 25 May 2010 (“Resources,” Center for Okinawan Studies, UHM). There are 15 segments in all, and each is brief, roughly 35-45 seconds in length.

1. yutashiku unigeesabira_subtitled.wmv – Yutashiku Unigee Sabira!

2. Farmers market_subtitled.wmv – At Farmers Market

3. Kooyabira_subtitled.wmv – Kooyabira

4. Kunnu ukataa subtitled – Kunu ukataa…

5. Gusuu-yoo chuu uganabira_subtitled.wmv – Gusuuyoo chuu uganabira.

6. Uchinaa kara chaabitan_subtitled.wmv – LINK BROKEN?

7. Hajimitiyaasai_subtitled.wmv – Hajimitiyaasai! Hajimitiyaatai!

8. Mamoru and Yoshiko_subtitled.wmv – Hi, I’m Mamoru!

9. mata achaa yaa_subtitled.wmv – See you tomorrow!!

10. Wassaibiitan_subtitled.wmv – Sorry… I am late…

11. Good morning_subtitled.wmv – Good morning!

12. Ii ‘waachichi_subtitled.wmv – It’s a nice day!

13. Haisai_Haitai Series_Subtitled.wmv – Hi!! Haisai! Haitai!

14. Chaabira sai_subtitled – Knock knock, Chaabirasai!

15. Agaa!! – Ouch!!! …Sorry!!

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