‘Okinawa Hai!’ 2014: May 14 – Sep. 29

Okinawa Hai is managed by Marie Lewis, and it features some of the best articles by people who are actually on the ground in Okinawa and writing about their own experiences in a style that’s informal, readable, informative, and fun. The following is a partial list of articles spotlighted on the site and retrieved on 9/29/14.

Ishigaki Island on a Budget (9/29/14)
Bise Tree Road: Fuku Ippuku Chaya Bike Rentals (9/26/14)
Toyosaki Comprehensive Park (8/27/14)
Kinjo Dam (8/20/14)
Mount Yaedake and Sakura no Mori Park (8/6/14)
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) (8/4/14)
Kinjocho Stone Pavement (8/1/14)
Sea Glass Beach (7/16/14)
Yuki No Hama Park (7/2/14)
Cooking Local: Kabocha Squash Thai Curry (6/30/14)
Kyozuka Monument (6/25/14)
Cooking Local: Mashed Beni Imo (6/23/14)
Cooking Local: Goya Salad 8 Ways (6/16/14)
Haebaru’s Beaury Park (6/13/14)
Cooking Local: Shikuwasa Gingerade (6/9/14)
Otohadake Forest Park (6/4/14)
Cooking Local: Urizun Mame-Winged Bean Thai Noodles (6/2/14)
Ahacha Bridge (5/28/14)
Cooking Local: Fujimame Stir Fry (5/26/14)
Cooking Local: Japanese Ginger Dressing (5/19/14)
Windsurfing: Kaichu Doro, “The Red Bridge” (5/16/14)
Urasoe Area Parks (5/14/14)

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